Time:2019-03-11 09:16:21

Guomao supplies high quality refrigerants in most types of packing to the markets all over the world.

Refrigerants: R134a, R22, R23, R290, R32, R404A, R406A, R407C, R408A, R409A, R410A, R417A, R422D, R507, R508A, R600a

Packing: DOT-2Q tinplate can; DOT-39 1L, 13.6L non-refillable steel cylinder; EN12205 12L, 13.6 L Refillable steel cylinder; 5L,10L, 12L, 30L seamless steel cylinder for R23, R508B; Ton cylinder;

 Iso tank Countries exported to: America,Japan, European Union, East Europe, Latin America, South America, Africa, Middle East and South Asia